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Though I will perform all kinds of mold inspections my passion
is to come alongside your health practitioner to determine
if your living space is contributing to your health issues.

Mold and Air Inspections became a Certified Provider for RESPIRARELABS

to perform Air and Surface Mycotoxin testing.

Environmental Analysis of Your Home




Trusted for over 15 years in IAQ


What is a Mold Inspection?

A Whole-Home Mold Inspection inspects the entire home, inside and out, from the attic to the crawlspace for visible mold. They will also be on the lookout for moisture issues and inspect all areas where moisture is a frequent problem. 

Air Testing and Mold Sampling will be a part of the process.


Why should you consider a Mold Inspection?

To Maintain a Healthy Home

All of us want a healthy home for our families and part of that is inspecting, treating and preventing mold, moisture or other airborne contaminants.

To Protect your Investment

Mold and moisture in your home reduces its value and can cause significant damage.

Inspect before you buy a Home

A Mold Inspection prior to purchasing prevents surprises down the road and Home Inspectors are not Certified, Mold Inspectors.

How to Proceed if you have Mold

The Mold Inspector provides a written Protocol or plan of action whether for DIYs or Professional Remediators.



What to look for in a Mold Inspector

Is the Inspector Certified?

Is the Inspector Fully Insured?

Is the Inspector Bonded?

Is the Inspector Objective?

Is the Inspector Experienced?

Is the Inspector a Local Business?

Is the Inspector Competitively Priced?

Considerations when selecting a Mold Inspector:

Are they also Mold Remediators?

You want an unbiased inspection, someone who does not have a personal interest in the outcome of your inspection.  A free inspector also means that you are NOT getting an unbiased inspection.

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Available Testing and Services

  • MOLD INSPECTIONS...visible and diagnostic inspection, air, and mold sampling, with a comprehensive report and protocol
  • MOISTURE INSPECTIONS...visible and diagnostic inspection with a comprehensive report and protocol
  • AIR QUALITY TESTING and analysis
  • VOC (Volatile {easily aerosolized} Organic Compounds) and analysis
  • ERMI TESTING (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) and analysis
  • METH TESTING and analysis
  • SMOKE, FIRE, and ASH RESIDUAL TESTING and analysis
  • WATER TESTING Bacterial Detection and Enumeration: Coliforms, Escherichia (E.coli), Enterococcus faecalis
  • FHA & VA Specific Well Water Testing; Coliform, Nitrates, Nitrites and Lead
  • Contact for other types of testing that you may need 


I Inspect ALL of these Moisture Prone Areas EVERY Time!

About Me and My Services

I have more than a decade of experience in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) industry.

I answer YES to all the questions above.

My goal for your Inspection is not only to locate the mold

but to determine the cause and how to prevent its return.

Inspections include a Comprehensive Report with supporting pictures,

Lab Results and an Explanation of findings, Inspection Summary, and Protocol.

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